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  • General - AltiMAX RT43

    4 seasons

    Replacement Tire Monitor Technology (RTM): Unique stamp that visually indicates need for tire replacement by changing from "Replacement Tire Monitor" to "Replace Tire" based on tread wear Visual Alignment Indicators (VAI): Extends the life of the tire by visually identifying vehicle misalignment Peak Anti-Slip Sipe Design Technology (PASDT): Increases the number of biting edges for traction on slippery roads Low Surface Abrasion Technology (LSAT): Construction that reduces tread distortion as the tire rolls, resulting in less surface abrasion and promoting even treadwear and extended treadlife Acoustic Modulation Sound Technology (AMST): Sound wave suppression technology that works to reduce road tire noise for a quiet ride Twin Cushion Silica Tread Compound: High and low density tread delivers the extraordinary ride comfort Reactive Contour Technology: Smart contour reacts to differing road conditions to maintain contact with road surface for increased driving confidence

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  • General - Grabber HTS60

    4 seasons

    General tire offers a tough, highway terrain all-season tire that provides the perfect synergy of comfort, durability and performance for light trucks, suvs and crossovers. DuraGen Technology: A strong, cut and chip resistant compound, coupled with ultra high strength steel belts and a broad, flat contour, provide confident stability, even wear and responsive handling. Comfort Balance™: An absorption layer isolates the vehicle from road disturbances, while sound barrier ribs impede sound generated in the center of the pattern. Stabili Tread: A flatter footprint, optimized tread pattern stiffness and an improved tread compound provide up to 25% more tread life than the original Grabber HTS. It also improves fuel economy by improving rolling resistance. Pattern Optimizaton: Metric sizes have high sipe density to provide excellent grip in wet and snow conditions with great ride comfort while LT sizes are optimized for enhanced stiffness, providing improved stability under heavy load conditions and improve tread life.

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  • General - G-MAX AS-03

    4 seasons

    Dominant all-season ultra-high performance tire that delivers precise response in dry and wet conditions with excellent snow grip. Interlocking Tread Blocks When interlocked the tread blocks work together to improve handling and reduce heat for increased treadlife. Monitor Technology Consists of Replacement Tire Monitor technology (RTM) and Visual Alignment Indicators (VAI) to aid the consumer in detecting tire wear. Replacement Tire Monitor Technology (RTM): This indicator is clearly visible on the tire’s centre rib. Visual Alignment Indicators (VAI) Short sipes on both shoulders of the tire visually alert the driver of any misalignment. This allows for correction before the tires are ruined.

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  • General - Grabber AT2

    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    An all-terrain tire with an attitude, the Grabber AT2 is designed with an aggressive, self-cleaning tread pattern to provide extreme traction – even in the harshest environments. 5-Row tread pattern with multiple traction edges Innovative tread design promotes uncompromising on and off-road traction. Directional double V-shaped tread pattern Designed to increase tread life and off-road durability. Highly-engineered acoustic tread pattern Allows the aggressive tread pattern to provide a quiet, comfortable ride during highway driving.

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  • General - ALTIMAX ARCTIC 12


    A durable all-terrain tire that provides excellent off-road performance balanced by excellent on-road performance and features the "mountain and snowflake" logo; it therefore offers reliable driving in all climatic conditions. A central interlaced tread combined with straight slats provides a rigid structure for excellent road holding on dry pavement under low temperature winter conditions. The directional tread pattern provides exceptional water drainage and excellent aquaplaning resistance, delivering outstanding performance in wet and snowy conditions. Winter slats improve traction performance in snow, ice and wet conditions.

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  • General - AmeriTrac

    4 seasons

    The versatility to perform in all-season conditions. This premium all-season tire provides outstanding comfort and noise performance. Computer modeled tread design: Consistent ride and handling performance. Mud and snow rated: Even treadwear and low rolling resistance.

    Starting at $186.11

  • General - AmeriTrac TR

    4 seasons

    The power of versatility. This rugged all-season tire offers a balance between excellent on-road driving characteristics and the ability to go off-road with reliable traction. Cut and chip resistant compound: Added gravel road and off-road performance. Computer designed tread: Rugged, self-cleaning design with low noise. Offered in P-Metric and Light Truck sizes: Carrying capacity can be adapted to the vehicle. Mud and snow rated: All-season performance.

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  • General - Grabber Arctic


    Winter tires Developed specifically for work trucks. A series of ridges at the bottom of the groove and placed at strategic angles Provides better grip in thick snow Reinforcing bars are used to solidify the shoulder blocks to improve handling The buttresses increase the strength and stability of the tread blocks providing better handling dynamics and better braking Winter tires with interlaced slats for light trucks, the slats have an angled and interlaced design to reduce the torquing and deformation of the blocks for exceptional adhesion in snow and ice Ultra-strong steel belts, microfibre carcass reinforcements and wide tire contour

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  • General - GRABBER X3

    4 seasons

    Enjoy extreme off-road maneuvers with an aggressive, open design that adheres extremely well in muddy terrain. The evacuation channels provide fast and efficient self-cleaning action. Experience superior grip on firm or muddy ground with an innovative tread design that provides additional jaw edges. Conquer with confidence: the exceptionally robust and durable tire remains strong even under the most difficult conditions. Master extreme off-road with excellent grip and solid sidewall protection. Three-layer construction on all sizes provides durability and puncture resistance The robust compound gives excellent resistance to cuts and chips. High-strength steel belts provide a uniform impression for assured stability.

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  • General - Grabber Arctic LT


    Studdable tire Developed especially for work trucks. A series of ridges at the bottom of the groove and placed at strategic angles Offer better traction in deep snow Reinforcing bars are used to strengthen the shoulder blocks to improve handling The foothills enhance the soundness and stability of the blocks and the tread offers improved dynamic handling and better braking Winter tires interlaced slat for light trucks, the strips have an angular and interlaced design to reduce kinking and deformation of blocks for exceptional grip in snow and ice Steel belts ultra resistant, microfiber carcass reinforcements, wide tire

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