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  • Yokohama - AVID Touring-S

    4 seasons

    The AVID Touring-S delivers exceptional ride quality, stability and wet/dry traction for all season performance. Contoured bead design creates a tighter bead-to-rim fit for improved handling and a smoother drive. Silent shoulder keeps road noise low for a more quiet, comfortable ride. Tapered rain channels and cross-traction sipes work in tandem with circumferential grooves for optimal wet and winter traction.

    Starting at $88.21

  • Yokohama - iceGUARD iG52c


    More stable and stiffer sole and better wet grip Quiet ride Lateral grooves of variable widths, four straight main grooves and a wide center rib contribute to drain the water, slush and snow and maximize road contact for superior grip and better maneuverability. Aggressive unidirectional tire and 3D slices of the tread provide more biting edges, provides a good vehicle control and excellent traction on ice and deep snow. High density composed and flexible polymer offer greater grip on the road and reduced rolling resistance.

    Starting at $100.51

  • Yokohama - AVID ENVigor

    4 seasons

    The AVID ENVigor features an unprecedented blend of all-season performance technology. Our large unibloc shoulder enhances stiffness for improved handling on wet and dry roads. Our optimized contact patch and advanced silica compound maximize road contact for even wear and improved traction through all seasons. Angled cuts in the groove walls and adaptive 3D sipes help resist hydroplaning and maintain wet/winter grip for the life of the tire. Silica compound delivers ultra-low rolling resistance for increased fuel efficiency. Tread blocks are created in six size and shape variations to suppress pattern noise.

    Starting at $104.95

  • Yokohama - AVID Ascend

    4 seasons

    The AVID Ascend tire is the first consumer tire in the world to use orange oil technology. This advanced compound achieves an optimal balance between sole durability, all-weather behavior, energy efficiency and a lower carbon footprint. The random distribution of the blocks reduces noise and promotes a quiet ride. Adaptive three-dimensional sipes create more biting edges for wet and winter. The orange oil compound remains flexible, whether it is wet or cold. State-of-the-art orange oil technology promotes lower rolling resistance, which saves fuel and money.

    Starting at $105.02

  • Yokohama - Geolandar H/T G056

    4 seasons

    The GEOLANDAR H / T G056 tire has been designed to travel on roads for thousands and thousands of kilometers, and to offer exceptional handling in all climates. The variable five-foot sole reduces noise by varying the size and shape of the blocks distributed over the tire surface. The advanced gum compound provides a firm grip on wet, snow-covered pavements, and the three-dimensional triple sipes provide more bite-hard edges, resulting in better traction throughout the life of the tire.

    Starting at $125.44

  • Yokohama - Geolandar G055

    4 seasons

    The all-season GEOLANDAR G055 is designed specifically for SUVs and crossovers. It has a long-lasting outsole and offers outstanding road handling. Transition grooves with notched lamellae produce sharp edges for superior traction in the weather. Tire components blend to reduce rolling resistance and increase fuel efficiency.

    Starting at $129.32

  • Yokohama - ADVAN FLEVA V701

    4 seasons

    Performance summer tire The ADVAN Fleva V701 is designed to increase driving control and maximize maneuverability in city, highway and winding roads. It is suitable for performance sedans and coupes, provides superior grip on wet roads and provides an extremely quiet ride that raises the bar for sport tires.

    Starting at $134.54

  • Yokohama - iceGUARD iG51v


    Winter tire for SUVs, vans and pickups High performance on ice and snow and excellent driving comfort. Smooth ride, durability and fuel economy Multitude of jagged 3D sipes across zigzag on the sole, lateral grooves with variable widths Midrib continuous lightning bolt. More biting edges to maximize grip on ice and snow, Evacuation of water, slush and snow for better control of the vehicle greater stability and a more powerful braking in difficult conditions. High density composed and flexible polymer provide firmer contact surface

    Starting at $136.96

  • Yokohama - ADVAN Sport A/S

    4 seasons

    Yokohama tires are designed to perform better, keep you safer and take you further. The ADVAN Sport A/S delivers great performance year round. A combination of serpentine and straight grooves evacuate water from within the tread and enhance wet grip. Optimized contact patch equalizes pressure distribution to promote long, even wear. Performance shoulder enhances cornering, while larger blocks on the outside increase lateral stability. The asymmetrical tread design and advanced compound combine to enhance spirited driving across weather conditions.

    Starting at $142.60

  • Yokohama - GEOLANDAR A/T G015

    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    All-terrain tire approved for winter for SUVs, cars and vans Four wide grooves provide excellent water drainage to reduce aquaplaning and get an improved braking on wet surfaces. Large blocks of the sole (metric LT) provide greater stability on the highway and improve handling, while reducing the rolling noise. Stability is also favored by the lug grooves which, together with the lateral grooves with variable angle, help fight slipping when cornering. Adherence improved with 3D sipes. On the other hand, the complete nylon cover promotes the durability of the sole, while the wide profile increase the mileage and improves adhesion. The triple polymer compound of the sole is very effectively and combines silica and orange oil, which increases the mileage and promote adhesion. The sides are also protected against abrasion, and they offer the advantage of better traction off-road.

    Starting at $143.46

  • Yokohama -


    Inspired by the track, The tire features a superior combination of superior grip, driving precision and increased comfort. Two ribs of solid block elements create a stable outer region of the tread, which provide great adherence when cornering and braking. The advanced compound with extreme flexibility adjusts to pavement irregularities to maximize grip while the four longitudinal grooves evacuate water.

    Starting at $170.77

  • Yokohama - Parada Spec-X

    4 seasons

    The PARADA Spec-X tire was designed for today's truck and SUV truck configurations as well as the replacement high-performance tire title for the most recent multi-segment. Reinforced shoulder blocks provide stability in cornering and provide even more uniform wear. The circumferential rain of the center promotes an excellent drainage of the water.

    Starting at $184.56

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