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  • Toyo - Observe GSi-5


    Winter tire for passenger cars, vans, SUVs and pickups. Remarkably efficient tire that provides exceptional traction in severe conditions of Canadian winters, whether in snowy, slushy, icy or wet and slippery roads. Ecological Compound with ground walnut shells embedded in the tread provides extra bite, an improved braking and more control on ice and packed snow. High quantity of silica in the compound helps maintain the flexibility of the tire at low-temperature for better traction. High performance in terms of stability, grip and traction are also due to the pioneering technology of individual lamellae, the composition of the central rib, broad strips with jagged edges, the footprint expanded and unidirectional design of the tread.

    Starting at $86.60

  • Toyo - Observe G3-ICE


    Winter studdable tires for cars and SUVs Excellent winter performance and ride comfort. Band evolved directional tread, Studs holes location optimized V shaped central rib with horizontal louver Large blocks in U shaped tread with edges serrated Slat undulating facets Wide evacuation grooves

    Starting at $92.15



    Winter studded tires for cars and SUVs Excellent winter performance and ride comfort. Band evolved directional tread, Studs holes location optimized V shaped central rib with horizontal louver Large blocks in U shaped tread with edges serrated Slat undulating facets Wide evacuation grooves

    Starting at $108.71

  • Toyo - Versado ECO

    4 seasons

    Versado ECO combines advanced design technology with environmentally friendly construction. Partially made from recycled and naturally derived materials, the Versado ECO is a tire that not only enhances the ride comfort of your vehicle, but also reduces rolling resistance and improves fuel economy to preserve the environment. Versado ECO is the ideal tire for hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles and their drivers. An optimized tread profile reduces rolling resistance and improves the contact of the tread with the pavement. The multi-corrugated blade technology improves the stability of the tread blocks by reducing movement. This feature improves traction and tread life while reducing irregular wear and road noise. The "Silent Wall" technology incorporates vertical indentations to the walls of the grooves that disrupt the airflow in order to minimize the "resonance" noise and allow a quieter ride. Extremely wide grooves ensure effective water drainage to reduce hydroplaning and improve grip on the roadway. A 3-step offset tread design reduces road noise to provide a more comfortable and quiet ride.

    Starting at $109.20

  • Toyo - Versado Noir

    4 seasons

    The Versado Noir, a premium four-season touring tire for sedans and coupes is designed to stand out in this ocean of "round and black" tires. Equipped with a tread that can be up to 30% longer than its main competitor, it also offers better fuel efficiency and a quiet, comfortable ride throughout its lifespan . New silica compound: Increases shelf life. Improves performance in wet conditions. Improves energy efficiency. Wide grooves: Allows a more efficient flow of water. Large lateral grooves: For improved water drainage, increased edge effect and improved cornering efficiency in all seasons. More dense lamination of the inner part of the tread: More biting edges for increased traction on glossy surfaces. Exterior of rigid tread: Stabilizes the blocks of the tread: quieter bearing and better resistance to wear.

    Starting at $116.93

  • Toyo - Proxes 4 Plus

    4 seasons

    Here's the ultimate high-performance four-season tires ever made by Toyo Experience the best four-season traction and significantly longer tread life than its main competitor, A quieter bearing for the entire life of the tire. Corrugated faceted tapered corner grooves: Minimize irregular wear for a quieter, softer ride. Improve traction in all seasons. Outer tread: wide grooves and closed shoulder: The increased contact area improves the vehicle's response level and cornering performance. Inner tread: wide grooves and high density slats: Improves braking and acceleration. Optimizes the evacuation of snow and water. Tread compound with high adhesion silica: Provides exceptional braking and handling in wet conditions. Provides increased tread life. New Advanced Tread Mix: The new advanced tread compound of the Proxes 4 plus improves handling on dry and wet surfaces while increasing the expected life of the tire.

    Starting at $124.67

  • Toyo - Extensa HP

    4 seasons

    The Toyo Extensa HP is a high-performance all-season tire for sports and sedan coupes. Expect long life, excellent maneuverability in all seasons and superior quality, all at a price that will surprise you. Conduct with multiple functions: Improves cornering performance. Helps evacuate water. Increases life expectancy. Four large circular grooves: Evacuates water to improve traction on wet pavement. Solid center rib: Provides a stable, straight line bearing for better maneuverability. Unidirectional four-season tread design: Provides good traction in any season in a modern style. Silent Wall technology: Reduces resonance to provide a quieter ride. Interlocking tread bars: Improved directional stability and improved bend performance.

    Starting at $129.13

  • Toyo - Observe Garit KX


    Performance Winter tire for cars Unidirectional tire H-rated for luxury sedans and sports cars. Ecological Compound made of crushed walnut shells embedded in the tread and providing more bite on slippery surfaces Optimum traction, proper braking and more control on ice and packed snow without crampons. High volume of silica in the compound allows the tire to maintain its flexibility at low temperatures for optimal traction. Wider footprint, sawtooth block edges, multiple wavy slats and five circumferential grooves provide excellent traction on icy roads, better grip in snow and slush, a very good resistance to aquaplaning, more effective control in cornering, braking and acceleration, and greater prevention of skidding.

    Starting at $133.63

  • Toyo - CELSIUS

    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    For season tire approved for winter Tires of varying conditions suits for a variety of vehicles. With a tread that provides better traction in snow and ice compared to a conventional four seasons tire, it offers greater longevity of the tread then winter tires. Wide lateral grooves facilitate the evacuation of slush and water to reduce the risk of aquaplaning, which provides a better grip on the road. The inside of the tread with horizontal grooves designed to help remove the snow and slush and to keep the tire in contact with the road for better grip. The inside of the tread has much higher density strips for traction on snow and ice

    Starting at $138.55

  • Toyo - Open Country QT

    4 seasons

    The Open Country Q / T offers a quiet, comfortable ride, longevity and irresistible design. Built for a wide variety of vehicles, from SUVs to luxurious SUVs, this four-season tire offers proven maneuverability and stability. The asymmetrical design of the tread allows transverse rotation to reduce irregular wear. The central stabilizer groove for ride comfort and high speed stability. The 4 circumferential grooves help evacuate water and slush. The addition of lateral grooves increases the stability in turns.

    Starting at $140.24

  • Toyo - Versado CUV

    4 seasons

    Toyo's Versado CUV is a high-quality four-season tire specially designed to provide modern multi-segment vehicles with improved maneuverability and comfort. Versado CUV offers a lower rolling resistance thanks to its new silica-based tread compound. This feature allows for better fuel economy without compromising braking performance or tire life. Multiple ripple slats: Reduces irregular wear to extend the life of the tread and ensure a smooth, quiet ride. Improve traction in all seasons. Tread design optimized to improve the performance of multi-segment vehicles, especially for the transport of loads. Wide block design with stabilizer rib on the shoulder for added stability. A tread pattern optimized for effective grip and better water drainage.

    Starting at $144.13

  • Toyo - Open Country A/T II

    4 seasons

    An all-season light truck tire designed to ensure optimum ride comfort and outstanding maneuverability in town or on the highway. Ideal for truck, SUV or multi segment. Deep water drainage grooves: For excellent grip, lower temperature rolling and increased tread life. Variable pitch patterns: Pitch patterns of blocks distributed non-sequentially to further reduce noise. Corrugated faceted slides appear with tire wear and snap together to help mitigate the movement of the blocks to improve resistance to irregular wear. Large rigid shoulder blocks: Greater stiffness to improve cornering and braking, less wear and tear for improved ride comfort

    Starting at $145.26

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