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  • Pirelli - P4 Four Seasons

    4 seasons

    A tire truly dedicated to perform in all four seasons. Varying size options are available for both performance touring vehicles and domestic sedans. Variable angle grooves: improved steering response. Reinforced shoulders: full savings and longer life. Central longitudinal grooves: outstanding safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations. Continuous central ribs: better handling.

    Starting at $86.29

  • Pirelli - Ice Zero FR


    Performance winter tire for cars and SUVs Performance of a studded tire, without studs Designed to provide traction, safety and uncomparable control on ice, excellent traction in compact snow, effective braking on snowy and wet roads and fast evacuation of mud, while ensuring maximum high speed stability on dry or wet pavement Directional tread helps to increase grip and traction high sipe density in the center of the the tread increases the retention of the snow for maximum adhesion 3D Technology sipes ensures stability at high speeds, paved for increased stability in wet or dry conditions With an optimized footprint and uniform distribution of tire pressure, this tire offers better traction and safe braking in all conditions.

    Starting at $101.56



    Specially designed for light and compact cars Unidirectionnal tread design with wide oppenings Great stability and fun ride The Winter Cinturato is Pirelli's Studless Ice & Snow winter tire developed for drivers of compact coupes and family sedans looking for confidence and safety in winter's worst conditions and an enjoyable driving experience on clear roads. Winter Cinturato tires mold a special winter tread compound into an arrow-shaped, directional design. The tread pitch sequence and sipe density are engineered to optimize mechanical grip on all surfaces, for improved mobility on slush, snow and ice. The innovative and connected tread grooves efficiently evacuate water and slush to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, and the resulting block design features a high level of lateral stability for confident handling and travel at highway speeds. The Winter Cinturato tire features a wide and stable footprint to evenly distribute pressure across the face of the tire, improving traction while braking and enhancing wear characteristics.

    Starting at $112.17



    Winter tire for high performance car Studded tire developed to increase performance on the ice in extreme winter conditions, while ensuring the security, control and performance. Design double claw nails. This particular design allows nails to penetrate the ice and help the tire to grip more securely for optimal performance in icy conditions. The flat wall of the nail increases the resistance of the shaft at impact and contributes to improving the consistency and uniformity of performance on the ice broader base of the stem allows an increased retention of the nail for a better grip, traction and maximized braking. With a density up to 20% higher strips that trap a greater quantity of snow in the tread, the tire provides increased performance in snowy conditions. Crossover tread composed that offers maximum performance and supportes a wider range of weather and road conditions, and in more temperature differences.

    Starting at $115.53

  • Pirelli - Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

    4 seasons

    Higher performance, safety and durability. The CINTURATO P7 ALL SEASON PLUS. Its exclusive tread pattern harnesses the elements, while providing longer wear, improved fuel economy and grip better on wet and dry roads. Optimized pitch sequence and phasing: lower internal noise. Longitudinal siping and high lateral siping density: all season performance. Innovative tread pattern with four wide longitudinal grooves: safety in wet conditions, acoustic comfort. Optimized profile and innovative materials: reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, Improved mileage.

    Starting at $124.28

  • Pirelli - Cinturato P7 All Season

    4 seasons

    The CINTURATO P7 ALL SEASON is the all-season version of the Green Performance CINTURATO P7 tire to ensure high performance under all season conditions. Optimized tread. Optimized pitch sequence and phasing: lower internal noise. Longitudinal siping and high lateral siping density: all season performance. Innovative tread pattern with four wide longitudinal grooves provides excellent water expulsion and lowers both external and internal noise. Reduces fuel consumption and has improved mileage.

    Starting at $130.95

  • Pirelli - P Zero All Season Plus

    4 seasons

    Exceptional grip and handling, mile after mile. Ultra High Performance, all season tire, for performance and driving enthusiasts. Variable tension control nylon belt: high levels of comfort, greater steering control and better treadwear. Outer Blocks - lateral siping: maximizes cornering performance and dry grip while improving aquaplaning resistance.Circumferential grooves: improving safety and control in aquaplaning situations. Variable size tread elements: minimize noise inside the vehicle.

    Starting at $137.92

  • Pirelli - Scorpion Verde All Season

    4 seasons

    SCORPION VERDE ALL SEASON is the Green Performance tire range developed specifically for crossovers and SUVs. It takes full advantage of Pirelli’s latest materials, structures and tread patterns to guarantee savings, respect for the environment, comfort and safety on all road surfaces. Optimized pitch sequence and phasing: lower internal noise. Optimized profile and innovative materials: reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Longitudinal siping and high lateral siping density: off road and All Season performance. Large contact patch and four wide longitudinal grooves: safety in wet.

    Starting at $138.48

  • Pirelli - Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

    4 seasons

    Introducing the all new SCORPION VERDE ALL SEASON PLUS – the perfect tire for your SUV or CUV. Using the latest technology and innovation, it delivers high performance and exceptional handling in all weather conditions, with increased mileage of up to 40%. Optimized footprint polymer and silica compound. Made from over 15 innovative materials and optimized profile. OE derived pitch sequence and phasing. Four longitudinal groves and high lateral siping density. Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Quieter and more comfortable ride. High performance exceptional handling in all weather conditions.

    Starting at $139.99

  • Pirelli - W210 SNOWCONTROL 3


    A particularly versatile tire, this Pirelli product know-how in the winter. Designed to be fitted on a range from city cars to medium-class vehicles, it is appreciated for excellent performances. Great handling and driving comfort also in the dry. It stands out for excellent traction and safety on snow and ice. The high silica-content tread compound ensures performance even at the lowest temperatures. The optimal distance between the blocks of the tread reduces noise while driving. Directional "arrow" tread design Second-generation silica tread compound Rib system inclined by 10° to rolling direction

    Starting at $148.27

  • Pirelli - Sottozero W210 Serie II


    Winter SOTTOZERO Series II is designed to actively react in the presence of wet asphalt and low external temperatures (under 7°C), contrasting with great success the phenomenon of aquaplaning. It represents a versatile and safe answer for optimal driving conditions in all fall and winter weather conditions: dry, wet or snow covered surfaces do not make a difference, Winter SOTTOZERO Series II guarantees the best performance on all surfaces. Wide moulded grooves, in order to effectively expel the water.special water containment basins (HST – Hydro Static Tank) a Pirelli patent that guarantees a better containment of the water in the grooves in order to sensibly reduce the phenomenon of aquaplaning.

    Starting at $162.37

  • Pirelli - Scorpion ATR

    4 seasons

    High resistance to damage and continuous traction also in off-road situations. Very good traction and braking efficiency. Robust carcass and reinforced sidewall area: high resistance to damage. Wide, rugged shoulder blocks: improved traction and braking efficiency. Curved central grooves: continuous traction in off road situations.

    Starting at $169.55

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