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  • Laufenn - G FIT AS

    4 seasons

    All season tires: optimal on dry or wet roads. Silent driving, exceptional durability of the tread.

    Starting at $77.20

  • Laufenn - I FIT ICE


    Winter tire studdable. The 'I FIT Ice' offers improved safety and comfort in snow and ice conditions. Excellent braking on glossy surfaces. Acceleration of braking and traction in snow and ice conditions. Improved snow surface treatment. Maximized Snow Traction

    Starting at $85.60

  • Laufenn - S FIT AS

    4 seasons

    All season tires: asymmetrical tread pattern. Excellent stability and maneuverability, smooth and silent driving.

    Starting at $108.88

  • Laufenn - X FIT HT

    4 seasons

    All season tires for SUVs and pickup trucks. Maneuverability and comfort. The high-stiffness center block of the tread improves handling and ensures better road holding in cornering. The design of the zigzag grooves increases traction.

    Starting at $116.98

  • Laufenn - X FIT AT

    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    Off-road tires for SUVs and vans approved in winter. Impressive traction of better capacities. Improved traction and braking. Excellent grip on wet ground. Circumferential grooves provide efficient drainage on wet roads and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

    Starting at $156.94